Video « les toupoutous »
Game « celebrity »

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I showed them the video “avez vous déjà vu un nouveau venu au pays des toupoutous” It’s an absurd and cruel video, that at first, seems to be for children, but is not. It was just to make them react.
Then I gave them pieces of paper ( very small) on which they had to write the name of either a celebrity or a thing or a brand, that everyone should know. I put all the papers in a hat and divided them into 2 teams. One player takes the hat, he will have to have his teammates guess as many pieces of paper as he can, in one minute. You go round the circle, and after all the papers have been guessed, we go again but this time the players are only allowed to say one word to have their teammates guess.

How did students react?
They loved both the video and the game. I showed more video and we played the game until the end of the class.

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