Class theme/topics discussed:
Russian gestures

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Handout, discussion, acting.

How did students react?
The topic works out perfectly, especially with a class that feels comfortable about acting/ imitating.
Did they engage with each other and you?

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Lesson 9_Russian gestures

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It is a fun way to practice conversational language and to master a very special part of the target language – exclamations, sighs, etc. – that as a rule vary from culture to culture and are indicative of one’s “native-ness”.

Intermediate Russian
Lesson 9
February 15, 2011

1. News of the day (как прошел День Св. Валентина?) – рассказать о том, как он проходит в России. + новости о том, что в одном из городов России школам запретили отмечать этот праздник:

2. Intro to the topic: handout, exercise #1.

3. True/ False: discussion (handout, ex. #2)

4. Show them the “throat-cutting” gesture («я сыт по горло») and ask them what they think it means.

When everyone suggests sth, turn to ex. #3 in the handout – ask them to choose possible meanings. (All of them are correct.)
Demonstrate the four uses of the gesture.

Ask the students to act out a short dialogue where one or more interlocutors would use this gesture + any other gestures covered in class.