Lesson #1: Traveling

Date: October 9th 2013

The class level: Intermediate

Size of the class: 10 students

Class time: 1 hour

Lesson Plan

Overall Goal: Students interaction and trip vocab

Teaching Objectives:

–       Review vocabulary connected to travelling and journeys

–       Showing different Spanish regions and spots

–       Practice commercial language: the awakening of senses.

–       Establish their preferences when travelling

–       Practice role-play and improvisation in the target language


Media/ supplies needed: handouts, video projector

Procedures and time needed:

Greetings + warm–up (5 min): Who doesn’t like traveling? How was their last trip and where?

Activity #1 Survey (20 min): They work in pairs One student is the interviewer and the other a potential client. By asking the questions in the questionnaire (see item 1), interviewers need to guess the kind of trip his/her classmate would like. Then, they have to find a destination and elaborate a touristic package. Both students ask questions and think of a destination for their partner. We share the information with the rest of the class


The rest of the activities are on this lesson plan ConClass1009Viajes