Conversation Class

Lesson Summary

Language and Section: Russian Advanced

 Date:  04/16/13

 Class theme/topics discussed: Cards against humanity

 Goal of the class:

–        To make our own cards for the game and to play it

Structure of the class (unless you attach your lesson plan below):

–        Casual talk with the students;

–        Asking students whether they know the game ‘Cards against humanity’;

–        Students explain the rules of the game;

–        Each student imagines about 10 questions for the game and writes them down on the draft ;

–        Each student shows his/her questions to the teacher and they correct them together ;

–        Students write down corrected questions on the cards;

–        Playing the game.

What technology, media or props did you use? (satellite tv, internet resources, playmobiles, etc.)

–        cards

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

Students had a chance to apply their imagination while creating those cards. It was a good practice to write in Russian. I corrected their mistakes with them. The game went really well: we laughed a lot since it was personalized. And even though it was just a game, it had a deep educational moment in it. Students had to read in Russian and to come up with the funny answers, which involved a lot of improvisation and spontaneity. Moreover, they also had to change the words’ endings so it would be the proper grammar. The game could be used by another language resident with other groups of students.

 How could this class be improved/ modified?

Everything worked well so I wouldn’t change anything.