Language Resident Name:

Day and Date:
Thursday, November 20th

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class):
French advanced

Class theme/topics discussed:

Goal of the class:
Learning vocabulary relation to sports and equipment.
Talking about the popular sports and athletes in France
Talking about the Olympics.

How did you structure the class?
1 Warm-up
Do they practice any sports? How often? If not, why?

2 Sports: vocabulary and Pictionary
I separate them in pairs. I give them pictures of different sports and a list of sports. They have to match them.
Second step: each of them has to draw a sport on the board and the others must guess.

3 Sports equipment
They fill up blanks in a text with vocabulary related to sport equipment.

Complétez les phrases avec les mots suivants.
balle – arc – pagaies – selle – gants – raquette – flèches
L’équipement sportif
1. Les combattants portent des , s’affrontent sur des rings et disputent des rounds de trois minutes.
2. Ce sport incarne : la précision, la tradition et l’élégance. Pour s’imposer, les athlètes doivent maîtriser leur et leurs grâce à leur concentration.
3. L’athlète contrôle son embarcation avec les , les hanches et les jambes.
4. Enfin, après plus de trois ans en , le cavalier et son vieux cheval sont arrivés au sommet de la montagne.
5. L’athlète utilise sa pour frapper une immobile, sans assistance.

4 General discussion
Did they win any trophies? Did their parents force them to do a sport they didn’t want to do? Then, I ask each of them to explain the rules of a sport they know.

5 Sports and France
Who are the famous athletes from France? In which sports France has good results (rugby, handball, swimming, fencing, judo,)
We watched some videos of unknown or unrecognized sports in the US.

imagier sport 1 imagier sport 2