Language and Section: FR 11

Date: 01/28

Class theme/topics discussed: Masterchef (food and cooking)

Goal of the class:
Review and learn vocabulary about the food
Review the imperative tense
Create a recipe

Structure of the class (unless you attach your lesson plan below):

1 Warm-up
I show them a trailer of the French version of “Masterchef”. Who does watch this TV show? What is it about? Do they like to cook? Then, we “play” at Masterchef! (in two teams because I had 4 students)

2 Visual test
This test is only in the French version. When on TV the contestants must guess ingredients just tasting it, here the students have to match a picture of an aliment and its name in French.

3 Pressure test
Students have to put together in order the recipes of famous French dishes (following the indications First, then, finally,…) They also have to transform the infinitive form into the imperative one.
Then, we talk about some other famous French dishes with a PowerPoint (made by a previous LR);

In order to help them, there is a short list of vocabulary.

4 The mystery box
With the ingredients seen during the first test and the verbs used on the recipes of the second test, they have to create their own recipe. It could be a real dish or something crazy they just make up!

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

They LOVED it! For the last test, they created weird dishes with seafood and chocolate. The tests themselves are quite quick, so we had time to talk about food in France. I think it was a good way to review basic vocabulary. Maybe for a future class I should add a fourth test?

powerpoint les plats français

vocabulaire aliments

6 Masterchef