Language Resident Name:

Day and Date:
Tuesday, April 28th

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class):
French intermediate

Class theme/topics discussed:
Movies vs Life

Goal of the class:
To learn about movies currently in the theaters in France
To create stories

How did you structure the class?
1. Warm-up: how was your weekend? Coming CA
2. Posters
I make groups of 2 or 3. I give them a poster of a movie currently screened in France. They have to describe it to their classmates and imagine the movie behind this poster
Then, we watch the actual trailer: what do they understand? Is it close to what they imagined? Which version do they prefer?
3. Movies vs life
I show them the video from Suricate – Golden Moustache called “Movies vs life”. In small groups, they have to imagine their own and present them in front of the class.
Then, we watch the “Movies vs Life 2”

How did it work?
Students always LOVE creating stories and acting. Those exercises gave them enough freedom to be creative. Especially the “movies vs life”, they had a lot of ideas.