Language Resident Name: Joaquin Garcia


Day and Date: 11/15/2016


Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): Advanced


Class theme/topics discussed: Democracy


Goal of the class: To learn vocabulary about politics, to learn about the Spanish political system


How did you structure the class?


Activity 1: We watch a video about the meaning of democracy. I stop the video step by step making sure everyone follows and we make comments. Open discussion at the end.


Activity 2: Open conversation about politics in both countries: USA (General elections, Trump, Sanders, Clinton) and Spain (new government, Podemos, independency movements)



What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)




What worked well in this class? What did not work?


They really liked the video and the discussion. My class was very into politics so it was very easy to moderate the conversation.


How could this class be improved/ modified?

 I think that the success of this class depends on the students. It is better if you know in advance that students like open conversations.

If you have a more detailed lesson plan, please attach it below (OK to use target language for that).  Please attach any handouts as well.