Language Resident Name:

Tasuku Sasaoka

 Day and Date:

Tue. Apr. 26th, 2016

 Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class):                                                                                        

Advanced Japanese

 Class theme/topics discussed:

Doing activities alone / the Japanese point of view of doing things alone

 Goal(s) of the class:

   Students will learn about the collectivism prevalent in Japan.

Students will discuss what they can and cannot do alone.

Students will conduct class evaluations.

How did you structure the class?



Title Notes (T: teacher, S: student)
5(5) Attendance check & Announcement T will check Ss’ attendance and talk T will check Ss’ attendance and talks about a topic related to the class theme. about a topic related to the class theme.
8(13) Pre-Activity Ss participate in an activity with a worksheet given by the T. On the worksheet there are twenty activities that are generally thought to be more fun when done by more than two people. The Ss will decided if they can do each activity on their own and place yes or no next to each activity.

After five minutes, T will collect the worksheets and put the results on the white board anonymously. The results will also be provided with a number next to each so that only the owner will know which one is his/hers.

10(23) Activity 1 Open discussion

Ss participate in an open discussion. T will facilitate the discussions by asking questions such as “Which result seems impressive to you? Why?” “Which one do you think belong to whom? Why?” “Which two or more do you think share similar point of view?” T will also highlight some outstanding features in the results providing Japanese points of views and general ideas.

5(28) Activity 2 1-on-1 convo and guessing

T will give Ss quite short time like three minutes that Ss talk with others to identify the owners of the results.

After certain time Ss write down their guess on the board and then they will learn the answers.

12(40) Activity 3 Open discussion II

After all the Ss learned which results are whose, they participate in an open discussion again.

In this discussion, T will lead Ss to focus on how Japanese people feel about doing activities by themselves, introducing online news articles and his own experience.

Ss will try to identify what is unique to Japanese culture, at the same time what is common between Japanese and American (or other) culture.

5(45) Consolidation T reviews the class and gives some feedback to students. Ss write down their comments on their comment sheets.
15(60) Class Evaluation Ss will conduct class evaluation.

 What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)

powerpoint presentation

 What worked well in this class? What did not work?

   What worked:

I think it was fun for students’ to learn about the different preferences or personalities among them. Getting the result on the white board was also good because it has a lot to talk about.

  What did not work:

The topics of the class were little bit too much. Especially under the limited time, I could not cover all of them.

How could this class be improved/ modified?

I think limiting topics to fewer numbers would help students to concentrate and learn something in the class time.