Language Resident Name: Mykyta Tyshchenko

Day and Date: Monday, 01.29.2018

Language and Level: Russian, Intermediate

Class theme/topics discussed: Traveling

Goal of the class: review related vocabulary, develop argumentation skills, practice storytelling

How did you structure the class?

  1. Greetings, general questions and announcements. – 5 min
  2. Warm-up: What countries have you visited? When? Was it traveling, studying or working? – 10 min
  3. What do we need to travel? Students work in couples. They are given 3 minutes to discuss and come up with a list of 5 items they can’t imagine travelling without. While presenting the list, they have to explain why the items are important. – 15 min
  4. Storytelling: The LR asks the students to use on of their Instagram or Facebook posts to tell about any of their travelling days: they are to show pictures and tell what they have done that day. The students may use any picture from the internet if they are not comfortable showing their private accounts, and they can also make up a story without telling the truth. The students have 5 minutes for preparation and 2-3 minutes for telling their story. The LR tells his story as an example.

Hint: remind the students about the linking words like сначала, затем, потом, в конце дня etc. and using the correct past tense. – 25 min

  1. What are your future travel plans/expectations? The students share their ideas for future trips using constructions like: – 5 min

– Я бы хотела/хотел поехать в ______

– Я бы хотела/хотел увидеть _______


What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)

TV, laptop