Goal of the class: 

Revise furniture vocabulary & revise the structures “I want”/“I need” while talking about a subject they are familiar with as they have probably just moved in. 


Warm up

Questions about them: in what kind of dorm they live, on campus, in Oldenborg, first time…


Story about my arrival here, description of my apartment, then mentioning the one I used to have in France that was empty and that I needed to furnish. ➔ Introducing vocabulary + structure they will need + questions about their own dorms to check their comprehension. 

For the intermediate class, I would use a powerpoint with pictures of furniture to give them more vocabulary before starting. 

Guided practice

Together, establish a list of the furniture a student might need in their new room. You can use a word cloud and ask each student to give 3 words for the advanced class. 


  1. You just arrived in your new dorm and it is completely empty so you need to buy everything. In pairs, go on the website ikea.fr. You have a budget of 400 euros to refurbish your room. What would you buy? 
  2. Change of plan: you are now real estate agents. In pairs, think about the best arguments to rent the room you just furnished. Present your selection to the rest of the class and convince the others that your room is the best (because it looks good, because it is very practical…)
  3. Creating rules for the ideal flat-share (eg sharing food/having friends over/cleaning). If they were to live together, what would their 5 main rules be?

Resources used:

  • Ikea website/students’ laptops 
  • Paper to write the rules