Intermediate Conversation Class Lesson Summary week 2

Language Resident Name: Eloise Raoul

Day and Date:  01/31/2019

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): Intermediate

Class theme/topics discussed: Introduction to French cinema Part II: Series

Goal of the class: To help students be familiar with the vocabulary of the cinema in France and the culture related to it.

How did you structure the class?

1) 10 minutes – warm up – By groups of two they answer questions about French tv shows. (see ppt.)

2) 20 minutes – The creation of their own tv show. With the help of documents giving them assigned themes and genres they have to create by groups of 3 or 4 their own plot and tv show.

3) 15 minutes – presentations: They present to the whole group what is their TV show about. They can vote for their favorite one and explain why.

4) 15 minutes – We review genres of TV shows.Then by small groups they have to match the TV show pictures with its synopsis as fast as they can. To finish we discuss French tv shows, the ones they like, the ones they would like to watch etc. 

What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)

-Powerpoint presentation with pictures  

-Paper they have to fill to create their tv show

-Paper with the tv shows pictures

-Paper with the different synopsis

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

-They really enjoyed the “Create your own tv show” activity.