Language Resident: Katherine Pérez Gutiérrez

Class theme/topic discussed : Jobs & School dropouts

Goal of the class 

  • To exchange information about job experience
  • To discuss the current job & student dropout rates situation in Spanish speaking countries

Class structure

  • Warm-up:  In one minute and in pairs, the students had to think of as many professions they could think of.
  • Activity 1(cred. Blanca Barranco): In pairs or small groups students answer some questions about their own job experiences: type of job, working conditions, best and worst things about the job, etc. They will have some extra vocabulary hints on the screen about payments, contract and job terms, which will also help with the comprehension of the following activity. 
  • Activity 2: Student watch a video on school dropouts and why some students in Latin America and the Caribean have to choose between going to college or working. They comment on it
  • Activity 3: Each student choose Spanish speaking country (the US included so we can compare). They have to search info about that country’s dropout rate, unemployment rate, and labor laws (working hours). After commenting on their findings, students discuss the following questions: What country’s situation surprised you the most? What do you think is the cause for these rates/laws? What could be done to have a better situation?
  • Activity 4: Students do a role-play simulating a job interview. They will receive a handout with possible questions, but they will also be encouraged to use their own questions.
  • Activity 6 (extra): Having discussed younger people’s situation, we watch a short movie that talks about how hard it is for people over 35-40 to find jobs. Have this happened to anyone around you? Do you think it is a good strategy for hiring people? If you were in a hiring committee, what would you take into account to hire a candidate?
  • Activity (extra2): The teacher shares some personal experiences regarding job interviews. For example, questions of the current position interview for Pomona: Would it be a problem for you to live in a small place such as Claremont?

Resources used

Reflection: What worked/did not work? How can it be improved?

  • I had issues logging into zoom again, so we started the class at about 4:20 pm instead, on google meet.  Other than that, the class worked really well, students liked the topic. I have noticed that this group enjoys doing “research” activities (like act. 3) a lot more than previous groups, so I will keep using that method .
  • Ended up just doing the first 3 activities