Note: This is a two-part class! I did one class brainstorming and then one to two classes presenting.
ADV: 15-20 minutes per presentation, over several classes
INT: 5-10 minutes per presentation, can be held in one class, depending on number of students.

Language Resident/Assistant Name: Eva Saunders

Day and Date: 4/15/2021, 4/20/2021, 4/22/2021,

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): Intermediate/Advanced

Class theme/topics discussed: Presenting

Goal of the class: Learn interactive ways to present a topic

How did you structure the class?

Class 1

A) “Word of The Day” Game: Students are given a very specific and not well known word that fits the topic of the day (For example a slang word: “Trantüte”). They write a quick description of what they think the word could be (on a card, piece of paper, or in Zoom they would privately message you). When all have submitted their description, you read all of them, including the correct one and let the students guess which one is right. I do this at the beginning of every class as an ice breaker, but it can also be done as a quick random activity.

B) Presentations Discussion: What makes a good presentation? Which ones do you remember best? Tell us about your favorite and worst presentations you have heard or seen. As the teacher, filter out bullet points of Do’s and Dont’s that the students can have access to.

C) Brainstorm: What you could do in your presentation? Each student deliberates for themselves. The questions are asked one after another, so the students have to sit with them for a bit to give them a chance to go deeper.

1) If you had to talk about a topic, what would you talk about and why? – everybody gets 5 minutes to think about a topic (or optional: topics can be assigned, but I found they enjoy picking their own more)

2) How would you put a new spin on it? – 5 minutes

3) Think of an interactive exercise to incorporate in your presentation – 5 minutes

4) Which other aspects of what we reviewed earlier (your bullet points) can you incorporate in your presentation? Brainstorm for 10 minutes (or until the end of class)

D) Optional homework: Pick a topic and prepare a 5-10 (INT)/10-20(ADV) -minute presentation. Think of an interactive exercise and a new way to present your topic.

Note: If you don’t want to do it as homework, students can work on a shorter presentation in the next class in the first half and present in the second half of the class

Class 2:

Students present their topics. Afterwards you can have a discussion about what they liked, what new things they learned, etc.

What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.), Props: Share Screen function in Zoom for presentations, Google Doc to write down bullet points

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

This class worked very well, the students were very engaged talking about presenting in the first half. The second half was quiet work where they could start preparing the concept of their presentation and brainstorm ideas about how to present it. Every five minutes I changed prompts to help them brainstorm.

How could this class be improved/ modified?

You could have less prompts and more talking about presenting, but with four people we had a good chunk of time at the end for prep. It reduces some of their homework time to let them start on it in class and gives them a chance to really think about it and take their time.