Language resident: Natalia Cano

Class theme: Dating

Goal of the class: dating/relationships/describing a person vocabulary and having a date in the target language

Warm up: What adjectives do you use to describe a person?

We write all of them on the board.

Activity 1: Red flags and green flags

The students write on the board what are red and green flags for them when they meet someone. After that they have to explain what they wrote down to the rest of the class.

Activity 2: Are these green or red flags?

  • They criticize your physique
  • Both are compromised with the relationship
  • They don’t like High School Musical
  • They don’t take your feelings seriously and say you are crazy.
  • Both share the same goals and lifestyle.
  • They criticize their exs.
  • They don’t value your achievements
  • They are responsible with their selves
  • They criticize you and/or your friends
  • They joke about your insecurities
  • They take your phone
  • They don’t treat their family well
  • They are still sleeping with their ex
  • What they do matches what they say.
  • They think your work is not important.
  • They cook for you when you are sick
  • They don’t know where Canada is.
  • You change your behavior when you are with them
  • You love each other
  • They don’t ask you questions. They are not interested in you.
  • You must fight to have you place in the relationship.
  • They are sincere and you trust each other.
  • They are married
  • They are cheap
  • The communication is not good
  • You empower each other
  • They manipulate situations and feelings
  • They respect your space and priorities
  • They control you on social media
  • They treat waiter/waitress respectfully
  • You both communicate your feelings and necessities in a freely.
  • You listen to them, but they don’t listen to you.
  • They like cats and they aren’t allergic.

The students have to agree if these are green or red flags form them and explain why they think so.

Activity 3: We have a dateThe students get a Tinder profile with 5-6 adjectives/characteristics, and they have to have speed dates with other students.

Resources used: Powerpoint and fake tinder profiles

Reflection: This class worked very well. The students liked to give their opinions on red and green flags. I found the speed dating activity very good because you can do more or less rounds depending on the time you have left. I also think that this class could be improved with another warmup activity in which the students work in pair, because they always share more opinions when they are talking in pairs.