Language Resident: Natalia Cano

Topic: Travelling


Test: What type of traveler are you?

Activity 1: What do you need in a trip?

The students write in a paper 5 things they need while travelling and they give this paper to another student. The second student decides which destination is the best one to the first student. The second student also decides how much time the trip is going to last, which transportation she/he should use, where is this person staying, activities that can enjoy in the destination and things that they should pack.

Each student presents the organized trip to the rest of the class. The student who receives the surprise trip has to react using expressions proposed on the powerpoint: me encanta, está bien, lo haría, no me gusta, no lo haría, lo odio.

Activity 2: Transportation

  • Which means of transport do you know?
  • Which one do you prefer?
  • Why?

Resources used: Powerpoint


I think that the warmup was good, because we all have done this kind of test as some point of our lives, so they know how they work, and they also asked about vocabulary they did not know.

Planning a trip for another student was something that they really liked, they put a lot of effort on that, and each student paid a lot of attention to what the other students were saying. It was a useful activity too because they didn’t remember the names of the other students in the class, so it also helped them to get to know each other a little more. The only thing I didn’t like about this activity is that some students were faster than others and I didn’t want to have students checking their phone in class. So, I had to stop some of them is the last part of the planning, and some of them didn’t have the items that the other student had to bring to their trip. Activity number 1 took a big part of the class, but we spent the last 5-7 min talking about transportation. It was good because each student liked a different one and they gave different reasons for it, so it worked well.