Language Resident: Franco Rivas Quiroz

Level: Intermediate

Class theme/topic discussed: Food and beverages II

Goal of the class:

Students will be able to:

  • Describe food and use expressions to order food in a restaurant (for example: “me gustaría ordenar”, “quisiera pedir”, “¿Qué lleva el ___?”, “¿me podría traer la cuenta?”, etc)

Class structure:

Warm up:

Students remember vocabulary of ingredients of food by seeing last class’ images of Chilean food and saying the ingredients that they can see.


-Students watch a video on “how NOT to order food in Spanish” and are asked to identify the expressions that are used to order food, as well as answering: how should the customer have said those expressions in a better way?. After that, the facilitator writes on the board relevant expressions for ordering food.

-Students see an open-ended dialogue at a regular restaurant setting and practice the expressions filling in the blanks the information that they want to add to the situation. They practice asking about ingredients and describing plates in the process.

Roleplay: One of the students is the waiter and the others are customers. They simulate a restaurant setting in which some difficulties happen (they take turns so that someone is not always the waiter):

  1. Their favorite plate is not available that day and they have to find something that could be enjoyable for them.
  2. While eating, they realized that there was meat on what they ordered. They are vegetarians.
  3. While eating, the restaurant is about to close, but they only started eating about 5 minutes ago.

Wrap up:

Adivina el plato de comida: Each students describes a plate, and the rest of the participants guess what the plate is.

Resources used: Projector, Power point presentation, youtube video 

Reflection: What worked/did not work? How can it be improved?

Students participated well during the class. They had practiced describing food on the previous class, so it was easier for them to do it that class. It was surprising for me that they remembered so many things about Chilean food ( I thought that they would forget it right after the class). In general, they seemed to have fun, but I realized that, even though I still tried to model before each activity, I could have done it more; because there were a couple of situations in which students were not so sure about how to proceed, so then I would try to show them again.

Food ordering dialog (for controlled practice stage)

Mesero: Buenas tardes, bienvenido/a al restaurante ____________. Mi nombre es ____ y voy a ser su mesero. ¿Qué desea tomar/beber?

Cliente: Me gustaría pedir____ / Quisiera ordenar _____ / Déme un/a _________

Mesero: ¿Qué le gustaría de entrada/entremeses? Tengo para ofrecer ______, ______

Cliente: ¿Qué trae la ______ ? (Nombre del plato)

Mesero: Trae ____ , _____ , (descripción del plato)

Cliente: Déme el / la ________ / Me gustaría ordenar el / la _____

Mesero: ¿Qué le gustaría de plato principal / plato de fondo? 

Cliente: ¿Tiene _______?



Cliente: ¿Me trae la cuenta por favor?

Mesero: Con mucho gusto. ¿Con qué medio va a pagar?

(Indica el medio)

(Se despiden)