Language Resident: Natalia Cano

Goal of the class: Por and para

Warm up: some examples with already know

-Por favor

-Por el momento

-¿Hay un banco por aquí?

-Este regalo es para ti

-Trabajo para una multinacional

-¿Algún otro ejemplo que se os ocurra?

Activity 1: Por and para explanation chart

Activity 2: In pairs the students think about an example of every por and para case.

Activity 3: Map

In pairs they tell their partner how they go from one place in the city map to another by using por and para. Ex. Yo voy de la cafetería para el banco por la avenida Hablo español.

Activity 4: Fill the blanks with por and para

.We did this activity in group. Each of them reads a sentence and decided if por or para was the right option.

Resources used: Powerpoint


In this class we worked more on grammar, but I tried to make them talk to each other by putting them in pairs. They asked me a lot of questions with different examples in which they had doubts, so I think that this class was very useful for them.I would add a specific  warm up to this class, not just taking with them about how everything is going on and the couple of examples of por and para.