How did you structure the class?

12th April 2022


            Religious Praxis in daily lives in Japan (Postwar era)

            Presence of religious cult (オウム真理教)

            Novel about the incident by Haruki Murakami

            Talking about images of “Religion” in the US



14th April 2022

Same link as 12th April


            Christianity in Japan, its history and modernity

            Islam in Japan

            Okinawan Shamanism, personal experience

            Influence of Japanese colonization in Okinawa, ban of traditions



What technology, media or props did you use?  

Students’ laptop, Google maps, Photos, google slide

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

At the very end of 14th ‘s class, students looked a little bit tired and bored on this topic. I will change it next week.