Class theme/topics discussed: Different music festivals in Spain

Goals of the class: practice and review the subjunctive, learn vocabulary related to festivals (what to bring and not to bring, types of music, stereotypes depending on the types of festivals you go to, safety in festivals)

How did you structure the class? 

  1. 10 min: warm-up exercise where I gave them a sheet with questions like “find a person that has played in a music band” etc. (similar to the intermediate) BUT, I highlighted the verbs that were in subjunctive, (all verbs in Spanish that are followed by an order should be in subjunctive) and we reviewed this grammatical tense. 
  • 10 min: I asked them if they knew any Spanish music festivals and I also asked them to tell me their favorite American music festivals. I put them in pairs, and they had to talk about an anecdote that happened to them in a festival or concert.
  • 20 min: I displayed a power point presentation with the 8 famous music festivals in Spain and with important information (type of music, location, price, main artists). They read the information out loud and asked about new vocabulary.
  • 10 min: I displayed some questions that they had to debate regarding festivals (is it safe? Is it better to go with friends or alone? Etc.
  • 5 min: I reviewed vocabulary of things that you should/ shouldn’t bring to a festival and we talked about stereotypes depending on how people see you depending on the music you listen to/festivals you go to.
  • 10 min: we did a final activity in which they had to ask each other 2 questions in order to guess to what Spanish festival they thought the other person would go depending on the answers. They were forbidden to ask directly: “to what festival would you go?” Instead they had to guess based on the answers of their favorite type of music, their budget, etc. At the end we said how many people were right about the rest of the class and we made a ranking with the winners.

What technology, media or props did you use? (Internet resources, handouts, etc.)

Canva Presentation, Google maps, twitter, instagram (for showing them the profiles of the music festivals and their advertising strategies).

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

The final activity and learning about the new festivals worked out super well. They were eager to know the stereotypes that Spanish people have towards the people that listen certain types of music or goes to certain types of festivals, so this part went super well. The part that didn’t go that well was the warm up and the subjunctive because we got into deep grammar before doing the warm up activity. I thought that they already knew this tense, but they had a lot of doubts (which is good) but my idea was to do a review and not to start up with grammar.

How could this class be improved/ modified?

I think that next time I will rather do one class focused on learning uses of subjunctive rather than talking about it quickly in the first minutes. I feel that it was too much to try and explain the subjunctive in this class and maybe it made them feel frustrated because they felt that they didn’t know this grammar tense.