Class theme/topics discussed: my S’s performance on an important test, things that happened to us in September that we were thankful for, our memories and milestones, general value of experience

Goals of the class: to give the S a chance to practice gratitude in TL, to get creative, to have a memorable last CC of the month.

How did you structure the class?  When the S arrived she shared with me that that day was ruined for her due to a test grade that she received. It wasn’t as high as she was hoping to get and she knew the reason behind that low grade. So we discussed that situation and her feelings about it, as well as her further steps. She actually brought some snacks (peppers with cheese inside) for emotional support. Those peppers reminded me of a similar kind of preserve that we have in the Russian cuisine and we talked a bit about that and the preserves that my S’s family made in Taiwan. Then I told my S that even though September did have its ups and downs, it is always great to focus on the ups and to look back at all the good moments that we had in that month and in general. That is why I gave her a piece of paper, coloured pencils, stickers and pens and we both took some time to create. At the top of the page (I attached mine as an example below) we put “Thank you, September” and then wrote about everything that came to mind. After that we discussed what we’d written and were happy at the end of the CC. Ended up talking for 15 more minutes 

What technology, media or props did you use? (Internet resources, handouts, etc.)

Whiteboard, coloured pencils, stickers, paper

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

The S enjoyed writing and decorating her note. She was also happy to switch from the undesired test grade and negative emotions to our positivity-centered discussion.

How could this class be improved/ modified? I think that class was very successful and I don’t know what further improvements could be introduced. The S spoke a lot and felt comfortable sharing bits and pieces of her life with me, which is important.