Language Resident Name: Aleksandra Bystrova

Date: 04/24/2023

Class theme/topics discussed: Introduction – Body Parts

Goal of the class:

  • Students can name the parts of the body using Russian correctly.
  • Students can show the parts of the body
  • Students can pronounce the parts of the body in Russian aloud and confidently.
  • Students can identify the written form of body parts correctly

How did you structure the class?

  1. Warm-up. New Vocabulary (10 mins)
    I show students pictures of body parts and ask if they can name them. If not, we pronounce the words together. After I show some pictures, I show a body part on myself and ask: Are these eyes or a nose? Then, I just ask what it is or show me (the eyes).
  2. Activity 1. Link the cards. (10 min)
    Work in small groups. I prepared two groups of cards in front of the class: pictures of body parts and names of body parts. I form two groups and ask the students to connect the body parts to their picture. You can add an element of competition: who is the fastest.
  3. Activity 2. Describe a picture (10 min)
    Students already know colors and some adjectives. I show the students pictures and ask them to describe what they see. What color are her eyes? What kind of head does he have? Etc. This way students learn new words and find them in the picture.
  4. Activity 3. I’m in pain (15 min)
    I introduce students to new phrases: у меня болит/болят И я болею/ты болеешь, and explain the difference between them because in English it’s just I am/ You are sick. Stand in a circle. I prepare the body part cards and hand them out to the students. Then I say a phrase, for example, I have a headache. Students must show a picture of their head, etc.
  5. Wrap-up. Pantomime(10 min)
    Each student shows a very dramatic skit with what hurts. I ask the question: What hurts? ЧТО У ВАС БОЛИТ? ЧТО У НЕЁ/НЕГО БОЛИТ. The students answer: У НЕЁ/НЕГО БОЛИТ…

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

The class was fantastic. The students actively participated in all the activities. The class is structured in such a way that the students are constantly moving and can’t get bored, their attention is constantly on the teacher. The only difficulty is that there is a lot of activities in this class. So you have to keep a close eye on the time if you want to perform all the activities.

How could this class be improved/ modified?

I might change one assignment to a song that mentions body parts.