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ES SP23 INT/ADV Chilean celebrities and gossip

Level: INT/ADV

Class Topic: Chilean celebrities and gossip

Students will be able to:

  • Practice using colloquial language and expressions in Spanish
  • Practice expressing opinions, making predictions, and giving personal information in Spanish related to Chilean celebrities and gossip.

Class structure:

Warm up:

Students talk about what the most important celebrities are in the US, and the facilitator writes down vocabulary words that they use on the board. They are asked whether they know about any celebrity from a Spanish-speaking country.


Students watch a short clip of a Chilean celebrity (Nicole Moreno Luli). In groups, they describe the situation on the video and make assumptions on what might have happened before that video.

Jigsaw Gossip: Each group receives a different scandal from a Chilean celebrity, they learned the details, watch a short video on it, and talk about what they think about it.

After that, each person is placed in another group. That new group will have a participant from each previous group. The idea is that each participants shares the scandal with the others and they all give their opinion on them. They rank each scandal considering the celebrity that acted the worst.

Wrap up:

In groups, students perform the favorite scandals in front of the class

Resources used: Youtube, Powerpoint presentation

Reflection: What worked/did not work? How can it be improved?

I didn’t know if students were going to be engaged, but after they saw the videos, they seemed very interested in gossip of these celebrities. They asked me a lot of questions about the details and they seemed to have fun creating possible scenarios trying to explain why that happened. In some ocassions, I had to remind them to use Spanish, because some cases needed extra vocabulary that they didn’t have, so I tried to be around and helped them as much as I could. If I did this class again, I would have extra vocabulary to provide them in order to support them while discussing.


Language resident: Natalia Cano

Class theme/topic discussed: Shakira and Piqué’s drama

Goal of the class: The students learn how to talk about current affairs and vocabulary related to cheating.

Class structure:


  • Do you know who Shakira is?
  • Do you know who Piqué is?

Activity 1:

Information about:



-Worldcup 2010

-Ibai’s video

-Clara Chia


-Henry Cavill’s reaction to Shakira

Activity 2: 

-We analyze together the Bizarrap song’s lyrics.

Activity 3: 

In pairs, they have to act as if they were different characters of this story in these situations:

-Piqué arrives home and Shakira is recording the song.

-Piqué, Clara Chia and Shakira meet each other.

-Henry Cavill goes on a date with Shakira and Piqué shows up.

Resources used:


Bizarrap session:

What worked well? What did not work?

The students absolutely loved the class and they spent the rest of the semester talking about this couple. They asked so many questions that the class went super fast.

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