Language resident: Natalia Cano

Class theme/topic discussed:

Travel, animals and future tense

Goal of the class:

The students revise animals vocabulary, travel and present and future tense

Class structure:

Activity 1:

We go on a safari. The students have to decide in pairs a safari trip for the Language residents. They have to decide where to go, who many days, find the flights, accommodation and things to do.

Once they found all the information, they have to present it to the class.

Activity 2:

What animals would we see on a safari?

The students brainstorm about all the animals they know and I give them the vocabulary they do not know.

Activity 3:

What is your animal spirit?

The students take a test in Spanish to discover their animal spirit. Then, they share it with the rest of the class. The LR also takes the test, so their information can also be shared.

Activity 4:

Animal stories.

I give each student cards with 4 random animals. They have to come up with a story for kids where those three animals are characters.

Backup activity: animals taboo

The students play taboo with the cards previously used in the activity 4.

Resources used:

Animal spirit test:

What worked well? What did not work?

I would add a warm up as: what is your favorite way of traveling. However, I did not do it because the previous class to this one was about traveling. The class went very well and the students were very talkative. They made me play a Taylor Swift video about a safari. I was not very happy about showing a song in English in the class, but the video had a very interesting plot, so I made them explain what happened in the video in Spanish once the video was done. We did not have enough time to do the backup activity.